So a strip of bacon and an egg walk into a bar…

The bartender says, “We don’t serve breakfast here.”

I overheard my work colleagues talking about bacon today. One of them is on a low cholesterol so can’t have any bacon. Of course, that means bacon is what he thinks about every morning!  Anyway, a big debate began about the best kind of bacon. I was surprised how little consensus there was.

It all starts with the simple question…what is bacon?  After lots of ‘googling’, it seems the agreed answer is that bacon is a meat product (usually pork) that has been cured, usually with salt, and then further processed by smoking or air drying.  Doesn’t tell you much does it?

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Hangover Cure? Not likely, but…


Will this Saturday morning breakfast cure a hangover? Probably not, (ok, definitely not) but together with a bloody mary or ‘hair of the dog’ it might just start you down the path!

Start with half a bagel. Add bacon, a layer of avocado, some chopped tomato with red onion (not too much) and a generous squeeze of lime juice. Perch two poached eggs on top and season with cracked black pepper and celery salt.

Serve with some skillet potatoes and a couple of mango slices.

Yum.  Had two happy girls this morning when I served this up.